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McLaren LM5 Concept

October 16, 2009
Matt Williams is a recent graduate of Coventry University’s Transportation Design degree program. The LM5 Concept was produced as his final year project.
This exotic school project is designed as a successor to the legendary McLaren F1.
Even though McLaren has recently revealed an all-new MP4-12C, it is not a successor to the legendary F1, which some people think it is. McLaren Automotive has confirmed it that they are working on the successor to the iconic car, which is expected in the next couple of years.

Matt William’s LM5 Concept is something that the folks at McLaren should take a look at.
LM5 Concept features the same three-seat layout with a central drivers seat as the F1. All three seats feature racing-style four-point harnesses. The multifunction steering wheel features a central display for the tachometer.

In designer’s vision power could come from a mid-mounted 5.0-liter V10 sourced from BMW. We doubt that McLaren will

use a BMW engine this time(Original F1 had a BMW sourced V12). More likely they will use their in-house developed twin-turbo V8. Anyway it is a fantastic concept and we can’t wait to see more of Matt’s work and the actual F1 successor.


Porsche Supercar Concept

October 15, 2009
Porsche Carrera GT was produced between 2004-2006, a total of 1,270 cars were made and there are many speculations circulating that Porsche is working on its successor to take on other high-end supercars.
Porsche of course has not confirmed any of the speculations.
Thankfully there are talented artists like Emil Baddal from Iran who can feed our imagination and lust for new supercars.
This imaginary Veyron fighter features an aggressive front end with Panamera style headlights, huge side scoops, LEDs, fixed rear wing and panoramic roof.

Electric scooter

October 13, 2009
The alluring aspect of concept vehicles, apart from being clean and green, is that they just give the glimpse of the modes of transportation, which of course is mesmerizing, in the days to come. Brainchild of Tai Chiem, the “Movito” is yet another sustainable electric scooter of the future that claims the top spot in the “Create the future Design Contest” organized by NASA. Comprised with two modular parts, an upper scooter chassis and a base, the Movito generates power from a carbon-cutting in-wheel electric motor, placed at the base, which can be removed (or aligned in parallel, for that matter) to create a two-seater vehicle. The modular base of the vehicle can generate force through rechargeable batteries as well. The in-wheel motor also supports a slim chassis that helps in reducing the weight of the scooter to a certain extent. Moreover, the urban vehicle comes fully integrated with a GPS system with a touchscreen interface, navigating you through the complex web of roads smoothly and safely.