Crystal Island

Foster Partners has already impressed us with the Beijing’s new multibillion-dollar international airport terminal and now, they are planning the world’s biggest building dubbed Crystal Island in Moscow. The mesmerizing US $4 billion ‘city inside a building’ is likely to be built within next 5 years. Enclosed within a massive mega structure covering a total floor area of 2.5million square meters, the project’s scale is unparalleled. Conceived as a self-contained city within a city, it features a rich mix of buildings including museums, theatres and cinemas, to guarantee that it is a major new destination for the whole of Moscow. The Crystal Island is 1,500ft high, can house up to 30,000 residents, and offers panoramic views over Moscow from a viewing platform at its apex.The City Island will have a range of cultural, exhibition and performance facilities, approximately 3000 hotel rooms, 900 serviced apartments, offices and shops, and an international school for 500 pupils. Energy management is at the heart of the design, with additional strategies to include on-site renewable and low-carbon energy generation. The proposed site for the Crystal Island is a peninsula, which is located five miles from the city centre.

Crystal Island

Crystal Island

Crystal Island



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