McLaren LM5 Concept

Matt Williams is a recent graduate of Coventry University’s Transportation Design degree program. The LM5 Concept was produced as his final year project.
This exotic school project is designed as a successor to the legendary McLaren F1.
Even though McLaren has recently revealed an all-new MP4-12C, it is not a successor to the legendary F1, which some people think it is. McLaren Automotive has confirmed it that they are working on the successor to the iconic car, which is expected in the next couple of years.

Matt William’s LM5 Concept is something that the folks at McLaren should take a look at.
LM5 Concept features the same three-seat layout with a central drivers seat as the F1. All three seats feature racing-style four-point harnesses. The multifunction steering wheel features a central display for the tachometer.

In designer’s vision power could come from a mid-mounted 5.0-liter V10 sourced from BMW. We doubt that McLaren will

use a BMW engine this time(Original F1 had a BMW sourced V12). More likely they will use their in-house developed twin-turbo V8. Anyway it is a fantastic concept and we can’t wait to see more of Matt’s work and the actual F1 successor.


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