Solar-powered beach rescue system

Rescue at sea is one of the most critical jobs in the world, where seconds can make a difference between life and death. For now we depend on lifeguards and their ability to swim, while we try surfing on the largest of the tides. Designer Davide Anzalone wants to improve the process with a solar-powered system he calls the “TESEO+ARIANNA,” where Arianna is the tower which hosts solar panels and charges the batteries and Teseo is an electric rescue vehicle.
While the lifeguard is examining the shores for any problem, solar energy charges a battery pack. In case of a mishap the lifeguard removes a battery from the pack and inserts it into an electric rescue vehicle, inflates his life jacket and races to the sea along with the Teseo. Once at sea the Teseo takes the lifeguard to the needy and uses an autopilot command from Arianna to get both the savior and the saved back home.

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