Low Power Solar Car

A team of students at the Cambridge University have developed a new solar call, entitled the “Bethany”, which can cruise at 60 mph, using the same amount of energy as a conventional hairdryer. Weighing just 170kg, the car generates energy using an array of high-efficiency silicon cells which together creates the car’s solar skin.
Apart from generating energy from the sun, the car has been incorporated with regenerative braking systems, which recharge the car’s batteries when brakes are applied. “Bethany” has been designed using the latest computer simulation software, which gives the £200,000, the ability to run at 50 times less power than a normal petrol-fuelled vehicle. In June, the car will be competing in the World Solar Challenge race from Darwin to Adelaide, a distance of over 3,000km.

The technology used in the car does give it the edge. However, costing £200,000, the technology cannot be used in commercial cars.

Designer : Cambridge University students

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