Ferrari Modulo

     is the car that is supposed to be a concept car that is shaped on the Ferrari Modulo of the 70’s and while I can totally see the resemblance and the inspiration after taking a look at the original Modulo, I just cannot bring myself to believe that this is even a concept design of a Ferrari just because of the color scheme the designer has chosen to adopt with this design. I mean, no matter what you are designing, if you are putting the Ferrari logo on it then it has to be racy Scarlet Red with some wonderful black lining to enhance the design in the perfect fashion.
The style is keeping in line with the legendary Ferrari cars of 1970 – 1980 like Lancia Stratos Zero or Ferrari Modulo. The aerodynamics and the design of the car look pretty good and since the designer says that it is intended for the use of young drivers, which pretty much fits the billing. The wedge-shaped body and the entire body work do remind you of racing in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

The most important aspect in all this is the safety features that the design incorporates and hopefully the designer has taken adequate care in that aspect. Without that it will never get on to the tracks these days. Moreover, I strongly suggest a change in the color pattern if you want to sell it as a Ferrari. Sometimes it is the little things that make a huge difference.


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